Foton Tractors Re-Branded To Lovol Tractors

Foton compact tractors will now be sporting the logo of the Chinese parent company, Lovol. There are a complete new range of compact tractors available in the new ‘blue’ colours, with engine sizes from 25 to 75 HP. Lonebarn Ltd, trading as Lovol Tractors, have nearly 20 years experience in providing Foton an Lovol compact tractors in the UK and are the only official importer in the UK.

The new Lovol compact tractor range consists of 25HP, 35HP, 50HP and 75HP tractors with ROPS and cab options with 3 or 4 cylinder engines with  8F+2R Synchro gearboxes to 12+12 side synchronizer shuttle shift.

You can see the complete new range at


5 Compact Tractor Implements to Optimize Your Tractor

A tractor implement is to a tractor what a bullet is to a gun; there is no way you can work with one without the other. Compact utility tractors have become increasingly popular due to their cheap maintenance, sturdiness, flexibility in use, ease of driving and efficiency, among other factors. This has increased the appliances in the market.

Adding to your Compact Tractor Appliance Range

Well, if you are thinking of buying a tractor there must be that appliance you want to use with it. Nevertheless, the compact utility tractor appliances market has so many other appliances you can buy to optimize your tractor’s performance. Here are some ideas:

Front Loader1.       Front-end Loaders

If your compact tractor is a bit old, it most likely didn’t come with a front-end loader. If this is so, then you need to leverage this invaluable implement to work on various projects on your farm or even for landscaping purposes. There are so many bulky items to haul around the farm such as hay, gravel and soil. You can even switch this appliance with a snow bucket.

2.       Quick-Hitch Systems

While compact tractors are life savers on the farm, you will concur that connecting implements on the tractor can be a hassle. This can easily be resolved with a 3-point quick-hitch system which helps you easily attach your appliance and get down to working in no time.

Finishing Mower3.       Finishing Mower

Large yards can be exhausting, if not frustrating, to work on. However, a compact tractor solves the entire problem especially if you use a rear finishing mower to give your yard a smooth finish despite the lay of your grading. These are best used on large open spaces to give a perfect finish to your project.

4.       Fencing Earth Auger

On a farm, digging holes for posts is a never ending process. Instead of ruining your back digging such holes for your chicken coop, sheep pens, fence posts and other small projects, an earth auger fitted on your compact tractor does the back breaking work for you.

5.       Rear Blade

When preparing your land for planting, you need to prepare it first by clearing short bushes, and this is exactly what a rear blade does. These blades are strong and will clear your yard or land in no time.  They are also ideal for grading your lane and other sections of your property to make your farm look presentable. These blades also come with other features such as scarifier teeth to rip up tough ground.

These are just a few compact utility implements to make your farm a delight to work on. Others include rotary tiller and cutters, backhoes equine scrapers and snow blowers, among others.

Whatever you do, remember a compact tractor is an unrelenting workhorse, but only when you use the right implement will it work optimally.

Maximizing on the 28 HP Compact Tractor for Confined Space Projects

28hp compact tractorThe modern world seems to be experiencing a paradigm shift in terms of lifestyles. The infamous urban-rural migration that has persisted since the industrial revolution is gradually witnessing a reversal with more people adopting rural lifestyles.

Capitalizing on Farm Technology

The choking cities, from London to Liverpool, are not glamorous any more and more people are opting for the serendipity of farm areas. If this rural farm bug has already bitten you, it is time to invest in one of the most crucial farm appliances; a 28 HP Compact Tractor.

This tractor series manufactured by the 64th most valuable Chinese company is revolutionizing rural life and for good reason.

28 HP (25 series) Tractor Review

To appreciate what this tractor can achieve on your farm, you just have to look at some highlights on its capability. Here are some of these features and components:

Compactness and dimension: If you own a small farm, you need appliances that can manoeuvre around the space available. The length of the tractor alone is only 280cm, height 210cm, wheel base 165cm and turn radius stands at 259cm.

Quality of manufacture: With industry certification standards including ISO/TS16949, EPA and EEC, among others, you are assured of the highest quality make in the world. The technical capability of Foton is in no doubt that their popularity with farmers across the UK and the world is something to go by.

Ergonomic design: From the power steering for easy operations, twin speed PTO (540/1000RPM) to enable work with any implements, 3-point linkage for easy implement attachment, selectable 4-wheel drive, enhanced safety through its roll-over protection system to a wide range of gear transmission, this tractor is meant to make working on the farm bliss.

Versatility in use: The 25 series Compact Tractor comes with 5 hydraulic spool outlets that allow for fitting of any type of implements. Whether you are a looking for a farm, garden or lawn tractor, this model has all your needs covered.  You can attach diggers, slash blades and buckets, among other implements, to make work on your farm a delight using this tractor.

Excellent performance: The 28HP engine has been hailed as legendary. You will enjoy an engine rated power KW@ rpm of 20.6 and maximum torque@ revolving speeds (rpm) at about 96/1650. The high rated speed of 2350, high lifting capacity and an efficient braking system are all geared towards making life easy as you adapt to farm life.

The 28 HP (25 series) Compact Tractor is simply a machine that you cannot afford to miss in your garage. The design is meant to meet any farm needs in the most effective method by optimizing on technology.

Simple features, such as battery charging warning lights, can be overlooked in a tractor, but they come in handy when the appliance is clocking in hours on the farm.

With the rich heritage of technology that Foton brings to the table, you can bet this is going to be a big hit with farmers. Why not be part of the vanguard to test the practicability of the machine?

Compact Tractor Advantages, Uses and Implements.

New Red Foton 28HPThere is a large range of tractors available today, each appropriate for a certain job. If you need to deal with a huge garden or a a substantial area of field or pasture, a sub-compact or compact tractor will fit heavy duty landscaping tasks and jobs like digging, transporting or tilling. A sub-compact tractor is a smaller sized version of a compact tractor. It has the power and flexibility to carry out a big variety of gardening jobs including mowing, moving mulch and tilling gardens. A compact tractor is a smaller sized variation of the energy tractor and is ideal for landscaping jobs. Sub-compact and compact tractors have a horse power that varies from 15hp to 55hp.

Compact tractors are also great if you are a novice to tractor driving. Obviously it’s different to driving a car and can be harmful if you do not know exactly what you are doing – especially in the bigger tractors with lots of controls. Compact tractors ought to be considered both for commercial use and for non-commercial.

Picking the kind of tires for the compact tractor is also a big factor in the decision making procedure. The terrain with a smother surface demands smoother grooved tires, while muddy and high terrain requires a mud tire which has deep grooves for effective traction and prevents the vehicle from slipping and tip over.

Front-end loaders (FELs) are popular additions to compact energy tractors and farm tractors. Compact utility tractors, also called CUTs, are little tractors, usually with 18 to 50 horse power (37 kW) and used mostly for grounds maintenance and landscape tasks. There are 2 main designs of compact tractor FELs, the conventional dogleg made design and the curved arm design.

If you have any land at all, chances are you have actually considered buying a compact tractor. These little tractors do it all, and are a wonderful alternative to a full size farm tractor for the small acreage owner. Buying the right compact tractor can be a tricky proposition. If you over buy, you run the risk of having a tractor that cannot get into the tight areas around your home and won’t fit in your garage. On the other hand, if you under buy, you run the risk of owning a tractor that can’t run the tiller you need for your yard. This buying guide will assist you determine which compact tractor is right for you, and will provide you some guidelines to possessing and servicing your tractor after you buy it. Pull on your work boots and let’s look at some of the finer points to buying a compact tractor.

Here are a few things to try to find when considering purchasing a compact tractor.

Easy to maintain – most (if not all) compact tractors are designed so that they are easy to maintain. They offer simple access to engine components and they have simple and practical maintenance points.

High efficiency – whether you are making use of a tractor for agricultural or building works, you can certainly do your work with enhanced performance or efficiency. You can maintain traction, turn tightly, choose the best speed, and run smooth hydraulics.

Comfy – tractors can give comfortable ride even in rough surface; they have flexible driver station – the seat and steering wheel adjust to your height and comfort preferences.

Easy to customize – compact tractors can also be customized with options and accessories. You can do some modifications for the driver area, engine, lighting, tires, and more.

Adaptability – compact tractors can manage lots of tasks and you can easily switch between tasks – whether they are agricultural or industrial type of job.

The attachments of the compact tractor are mowers, rotovators, toppers, log splitters, back hoes, trailers and harrows. Each of these attachments are selected for a particular construction or farming task, so before buying any kind of compact tractor, you ought to think about which of these implements you need to include in the purchase.

As soon you are certain of the specific model of compact tractor that you need, do some research on how functional it is. It is one fixed attachment or will it take a range. If it is the latter, then you are in luck. It is typical for owners of such vehicles to only utilize them for their initial function and never ever to modify them for other functions or positions.

Foton Compact Tractors can supply compact tractors and implements anywhere in the UK and also export to France.