Foton Tractors Re-Branded To Lovol Tractors

Foton compact tractors will now be sporting the logo of the Chinese parent company, Lovol. There are a complete new range of compact tractors available in the new ‘blue’ colours, with engine sizes from 25 to 75 HP. Lonebarn Ltd, trading as Lovol Tractors, have nearly 20 years experience in providing Foton an Lovol compact tractors in the UK and are the only official importer in the UK.

The new Lovol compact tractor range consists of 25HP, 35HP, 50HP and 75HP tractors with ROPS and cab options with 3 or 4 cylinder engines with  8F+2R Synchro gearboxes to 12+12 side synchronizer shuttle shift.

You can see the complete new range at


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